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Some ideas for how to use .academy domains for business:

A digital arts and creative skills academy providing a selection of curated video classes taught by professional artists, designers, and creators in various fields such as drawing, illustration, photography, videography, and graphic designThe platform would offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced level courses to cater to a diverse range of usersAdditionally, users would have the opportunity to participate in community-based projects, interact with fellow creators, and receive feedback from instructors to further develop their creative skills.

An online entrepreneurship and business skills training platform where users can learn how to start, grow, and manage their own businesses or scale their existing enterprisesThe platform would offer a mix of online courses, webinars, and mentoring sessions covering topics like business planning, marketing, sales, finance, operations, and customer serviceUsers would also have access to networking events, funding opportunities, and expert advice to help turn their ideas into successful ventures.

A subscription-based online fitness platform providing patrons access to a wide variety of fitness classes in various disciplines, such as yoga, pilates, HIIT, dance, and martial artsThe platform would feature live-streamed classes, pre-recorded sessions, and on-demand workouts to encourage users to stay fit and activeIn addition, the platform would offer personalized workout plans, nutrition advice, and community forums to support users in achieving their health and fitness goals.

A virtual language learning platform that utilizes innovative teaching methods, including video lessons with native speakers, interactive exercises, and real-life conversations to help individuals become fluent in multiple languagesThe platform would cater to learners of all ages and proficiency levels by offering personalized learning paths, progress tracking, and motivational rewards to keep users engaged and excited about achieving their language goals.

An online platform providing a wide range of certified professional courses and workshops, where learners can acquire practical skills relevant to various industries such as finance, marketing, IT, design, project management, and moreThe platform would offer both self-paced courses and live virtual classes taught by industry experts, along with interactive quizzes, simulations, and collaborative projects to enrich the learning experience.