About Smartynames.com

How We Generate Domain Names With AI

  • Smartynames is an AI based domain generation tool that can find business names, check their availability, and enhance a name with a visual presentation of what it could look like when launched. It's a one stop shop for anyone looking to try a new idea or launch a company. Below is a quick list of what Smarty can do.
  • Name Generation: For every query that a customer submits to Smarty, we translate that to an AI, which is in term instructed to find English names relevant to that particular business. Whether a customer is looking for a tech startup or a name for a roofing company, we know to identify those needs and match them with the correct criteria.

    Smarty bot can get as creative or as straightforward as we want it to be. After some trial and error we found some middle ground that yields the best options that are actually available in the form of a domain name.

    Incumbent search engines match domains based on a user-defined criteria, such as: keywords, extensions, and name attributes. While that is a legitimate way to find a name, Smarty is built with speed in mind. We prefer to go from an idea to a domain in the shortest amount of time, leveraging automation. Speed over precision.

    After all, if Smartynames.com could find its own and its logo using itself, then why not do that for everyone else? Automation magic is what we are after!
  • Domain Identification: With an array of available names, we look for a set of matching domains. Try a new search on Smarty, and see what you get. The four criteria we optimize for are as follows:
    • .COM domains: Let's face it, while all kind of creative names are interesting and often are the only available option, .COM domains would almost always be the top choice, and that is why we always start by searching for brandable dot-com domains.
    • Premium Domains:If we can get access to the right information, Smarty marks premium domains as such, so that customers know right away that certain names cost more than others. Sometimes those premium names cost hundreds of dollars, but more ofthen than not, the prices is in thousands. Customers have asked for this identification because many simply don't have the option to buy the extremely expensive domains, and Smarty helps them to find affordable alternatives.
    • Short Names: Is there anything available that uses one word from the set of options, or some creative combination of two words, that gets displayed first.
    • Long Names: On the contrary, are there domains which can be two or three words long, but explain the business well, and thus be worth a lot to the right customer?
    • Hacks: Now that we know all the possible long and short names for a search, can we find any hacks that shorten those names into interesting and available combinations?
    • TLD Specific Names: Depending on the type of the business, Smartynames can pick the most popular or fitting TLDs to try. For example, a customer building a dating app might not be familiar with .DATING as one of the available TLDs. SuperDatingApp.com might be taken, but SuperApp.dating and SuperDating.app are not. We bridge that gap.
    • Lastly, now that we have all types of results, Smarty double-checks to see if any of the permutations are also available in .com
  • Extension Specific Name Search: Sometimes a particular domain extensions becomes popular. In those cases, Smartynames customers can go directly to the list of hundreds different extensions, and use our naming engine in alternative namespaces.
  • Domain Name Enhancements: Any desired domain on Smartynames can be enhanced with content that makes it more appealing for a potential buyer. Domain names on their own are boring. Names that are enhanced with a logo, a description, and even a press release of a potential business, that is something that can appeal to heart and minds.
  • Reverse Domain Name Search: Sometimes there are instances when you have a domain that you want, but it is not available. Either it is in use by another business, or is simply parked and not available to you. While you could go an use the above methods to find a set of similar domains, we simplified it such that Smarty does it for you. Here's a longer explanation on how to use reverse domain search. In fact, just try the reverse domain search on your own and see. It's magic!
  • Domain Availability Checking: For those times when you already have a domain idea and just need to know if it's available, we provide a domain availability checker. The checker followers the same logic that we use to check all other domains appearing on Smartynames. First and foremost, and honestly as a way to save A LOT of money, we simply validate domains against their DNS records. There is no harm in reporting an unavailable domain as available, and while the error rate is low, it seems like a good start. After that, we go through a list of our partners and use their services to validate availability, starting with a free service, and going up to more expensive ones. At the end of the day, the customer gets a fairly accurate measure of whether a domain is truly available or not.
  • Premium Domains For Sale: Interesting domains that get found but are not purchased by our customers get automatically enhanced and listed for sale. Combined with enhancements, this is a great way to find a domain for sale that might fit a business opportunity.

    You can see some examples of premium domains and domain enhancements on the Premium Domains For Sale page.
  • Self-Writing blog: Most of the Smartynames Blog was written either entirely by AI, or with a small amount of human control to the outcome, primarily for formatting and linking. All that is required to write a post is to give our bot some directions on what kind of topic you want to write about, and key points that you'd like to cover. The blog and the cover photo appear in a few minutes. It's possible to completely automate this against a database of competitive writing and fine-tune the bot to optimize for SEO. Again, pure magic (and a little bit of code)!
  • Everything is Automated: Smartynames runs completely autonomously and does not require human in the loop.