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Save Thousands of Dollars When You Buy Domains with Smartynames Reverse Search.

July 03, 2023

As entrepreneurs and business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of branding. The right domain name is the cornerstone of a successful online presence. It is your brand's identity, it's the way people remember and find you on the internet. But, there's a problem - some of the most attractive, catchy domain names can be prohibitively expensive. Enter Smartynames innovative Reverse Domain Name Search. Let us take the example of the domain name AnalysisAI.com. It's a great name, symbolizing a blend of analytics and artificial intelligence, the perfect brand for a data analytics startup in the AI space. However, the cost of this domain is a whopping $24,000 USD - a significant amount for any startup! Now, what if you could leverage the core idea behind AnalysisAI.com and find an equally unique, data-related domain name, but at a fraction of the cost? This is where Smartynames Reverse Name Search comes in. By using this tool, you can input your preferred (but perhaps too expensive) domain name, and within seconds, you receive an array of similarly themed, but much more affordable alternatives. For the case of AnalysisAI.com, a quick reverse search gave us the name PatternIQ.com. This name still encapsulates the essence of data and intelligence, much like the original. However, the price tag for PatternIQ.com is only $7,000 USD. This amounts to a saving of $17,000 USD - a significant reduction, made possible in just 5 seconds of search time. It doesn't stop there. If you need something even cheaper, consider TrendAI.com for $4,500, or SmartAnalysisAI.com for just $10. Try the search, play around, and you will see there is an option for every budget. So, how does this tool work? The Smartynames Reverse Name Search uses a complex algorithm that analyses your preferred domain name, breaks it down to its semantic components, and then generates a list of names by creatively recombining those elements. The algorithm also factors in similarity in theme, industry relevance, and word-association to ensure the alternatives resonate with your original choice. This is not just about finding a cheaper alternative. It's about getting creative and finding a unique domain name that captures the essence of your business. Smartynames Reverse Name Search doesn't just save you money; it opens a world of possibilities for your online identity. So, next time you are stumped for a domain name, or the one you want is way out of budget, give Smartynames Reverse Name Search a try. You might end up with a domain name that's not just cost-effective but possibly even better suited to your brand and personality. The savings in cost, time, and effort are simply the cherry on top!

Graph of domain extensions and their utilization by DNS, http, and content
The Great Internet Illusion
Recommended:We found that about half of all .COM domains are unused, around 72-96% of alternative TLDs are basically unused too, and domain squatters are spending 2 Billion dollars a year on hoarding, and that is just for .COMs.
Analysis of why great domain names from brokers are so expensive
Why are domains so expensive?
From the blog:The high prices of domain names are largely due to domain investors' need to cover losses from the majority of their portfolio by selling a small percentage at a premium, necessitating a large portfolio and higher sale prices to turn a substantial profit.
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Smartynames Reverse Name Search can find domains you would not even imagine
Save Thousands When You Buy Domains with Smartynames
From the blog:Smartynames Reverse Name Search generates cost-effective, creative domain names for businesses and individuals, by analyzing their preferred domain names. In just a few seconds, this tool saves a significant amount of money, while providing a unique and perfectly suited online identity.
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