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Some ideas for how to use .app domains for business:

A web-based application that helps individuals and small businesses create professional-looking mobile apps without requiring any coding experienceBy using simple drag-and-drop tools and customizable templates, users can create a fully functional app tailored to their needs, which can then be published on major app stores.

A platform dedicated to helping users discover and learn about new applicationsThrough curated lists, personalized recommendations, and in-depth reviews, users can find their next favorite app, stay up to date on app trends, and learn about hidden gems in the app storeThe platform would also allow app developers to showcase their creations to a wider audience.

A subscription-based platform that provides users with access to an ever-growing library of premium applications for a monthly feeWith a focus on high-quality, ad-free experiences, this platform would offer subscribers unlimited access to premium apps in various categories, without having to purchase each app individually.

A web-based marketplace for buying, selling, and trading both new and used mobile applicationsUsers can browse through app listings, read reviews, and view ratings before deciding to purchase or trade for an appThe platform would contain apps for a wide array of categories, from productivity and gaming to education and fitness.

A platform that connects freelance app developers with businesses and individuals looking for custom-built applicationsUsers would be able to search for developers based on skillset, experience, and reviews, while developers would have the opportunity to showcase their work and find potential clients.