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Some ideas for how to use .archi domains for business:

A crowdsourced design competition platform where architects and designers submit their projects and receive public votes or expert feedbackEach competition could have a unique theme, such as sustainable architecture, tiny houses, or adaptive reuseIn addition to providing designers with an opportunity to showcase their skills and win cash prizes, the platform would serve as an inspiration hub for people seeking out innovative design ideas for their own spaces.

D models, and design softwareSubscribers would gain access to an ever-growing database of professional-grade assets, as well as ongoing technical support and exclusive discounts on related products and servicesThe platform could cater to both amateur and experienced designers, helping them save time, improve their skills, and elevate the quality of their work.

A subscription-based library of premium architectural resources, including high-quality templates, textures,

A virtual reality platform for immersive architectural experiencesUsers could explore and interact with digital renderings of famous landmarks, historic buildings, and cutting-edge architectural designs using VR headsetsThe platform could also host virtual tours of spaces that are not easily accessible to the public, such as ancient ruins or private estatesArchitects could use this tool to market their projects and provide clients with a more engaging way to visualize their designs.

An online marketplace for architectural services, products, and materialsThis platform would serve as a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to hire an architect, purchase sustainable building materials, or find custom-designed furniture and fixtures for their spaceCustomers could browse through a catalog of services and products, compare prices, read reviews, and place orders directly through the website.