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Some ideas for how to use .army domains for business:

An online marketplace and community for veterans and active-duty military personnel to buy, sell, and trade their artwork, crafts, and other handmade productsThis platform would not only support military-affiliated entrepreneurs but also foster a sense of camaraderie and connection within the broader military community by sharing stories, hosting events, and spotlighting members of the arts and crafts army.

A platform offering access to digital tools, resources, and mentors to teach and support individuals in learning basic-to-advanced coding and programming skillsThis community-driven online academy would aim to build a skilled army of coders and developers capable of creating, improving, and maintaining innovative software and technology solutions for various industries.

A clothing and apparel company that specializes in military-inspired, high-quality garments and accessories for everyday wearProducts would be designed with the durability, functionality, and unique style of military gear and would cater to a wide range of customers, from outdoor enthusiasts and avid travelers to those who simply appreciate military-inspired fashion.

A comprehensive resource hub for aspiring or current entrepreneurs seeking to build and grow their businessesThe platform would offer expert advice, personalized recommendations, success stories, and networking opportunities to help create a supportive community and provide the most effective strategies for building a successful army of business owners.

A fitness platform that helps individuals to build their strength, endurance, and agility through military-style workouts and training programsThis platform would feature workout plans, instructional videos, group challenges, and expert advice from former military members, giving users the tools they need to build their own fitness army.