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Some ideas for how to use .cafe domains for business:

An online platform that features reviews, interviews, and profiles of local cafes and coffee shops from around the worldUsers can explore new cafes, learn about their unique offerings and stories, and even plan visits to these locationsThe platform could also host events and workshops in partnership with featured cafes, providing a space for coffee enthusiasts to connect and learn from one another.

A virtual bakery offering a wide variety of freshly made pastries, cakes, and other baked goods for delivery or pick-upCustomers could create custom orders for special occasions or browse a selection of pre-made treats, ready to be enjoyed in the comfort of their own homesThe platform could also offer baking classes or tutorials, giving users the chance to learn from professional pastry chefs and even share their own creations within an online community.

An online coffee subscription service where users can sample and rate different coffee beans and blends from around the worldBased on their taste preferences, the platform would curate and deliver a selection of coffee beans to their door each monthSubscribers could also receive exclusive access to live tastings, workshops, and events at partner cafes.

A platform connecting freelancers and remote workers with local cafes that offer dedicated co-working spaces and amenitiesUsers could browse and book available workspaces, either on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and receive exclusive discounts on food and drinks at their chosen cafe location.

A virtual coffee shop experience that allows users to order and customize their favorite coffee drinks online, pick up at a partner location, or have it delivered to their doorThis platform could also integrate social features, allowing users to interact with other coffee lovers and share their favorite recipes and tips.