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Some ideas for how to use .coupons domains for business:

A website that offers a one-stop solution for parents looking to save money on products and services for their childrenThe platform would provide exclusive deals and coupons for a variety of categories, including toys, clothing, educational materials, and family-friendly activities, enabling parents to find discounts tailored to their family's needs.

A platform that features exclusive discount codes and offers for travel experiences, ranging from flight and hotel bookings to tours and activitiesThe website would curate ongoing travel deals from various sources and provide users with unique coupon codes, encouraging them to explore new destinations and enjoy discounts on their travel adventures.

A subscription-based service that delivers personalized monthly coupon packages to users, based on their shopping habits and preferencesUsers would create profiles and share their interests, and the platform would curate customized coupon bundles that can be used both online and in physical stores, helping users save money on the products they love.

A website that curates and offers digital coupons for local businesses and services, targeting smaller cities and townsThis platform would focus on supporting local, independently-owned businesses by offering promotions and discounts tailored specifically to residents of smaller, niche communities.

A platform that offers exclusive coupons and deals for eco-friendly and sustainable productsThe website would partner with environmentally conscious brands to provide users with discounts on green products, encouraging consumers to make more environmentally responsible choices when shopping.