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Some ideas for how to use .direct domains for business:

An online marketplace for eco-friendly, sustainably sourced, and ethically made products, where customers can shop directly from a variety of socially responsible brandsThe platform would curate a diverse selection of items, including clothing, accessories, home goods, and beauty products, based on strict sustainability and ethical principlesUsers could learn about the brands, their social and environmental impact, and make informed choices, knowing that they are supporting companies that prioritize people and the planet.

A hub that connects people seeking professional services, such as legal advice or financial consulting, with domain experts and consultants directlyThe platform would showcase professionals and their areas of expertise, with a rating and review system to ensure quality and reliabilityUsers can directly contact experts, discuss their needs, and receive quotes, bypassing the need for traditional agencies or middlemen.

A website where independent artists, musicians, and performers can showcase their talents and sell their work directly to fans and supportersThe platform would enable creators to upload their content, set their own prices, and receive sales revenue without intermediaries or costly feesUsers could discover new artists, browse collections, and purchase pieces in various formats such as digital downloads, prints, or physical merchandise.

A web-based service that enables users to find and book unique, immersive experiences in various destinations around the worldThe platform would provide direct access to local guides, tour operators, and other small business owners, offering personalized tours, workshops, or classes based on individual interests and preferencesThis would provide users with a more genuine, tailored travel experience while supporting local economies.

An online platform that connects consumers directly to local farmers and producers, allowing them to purchase fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, and other products straight from the sourceThis would not only support local agriculture but also provide customers with healthier, more sustainable food optionsThe platform could include rankings for the best products, seasonal offerings, and even recipes or cooking tips from the farmers themselves.