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Some ideas for how to use .discount domains for business:

A digital coupon aggregator that compiles and categorizes discount codes, vouchers, and deals from various brands and online retailersUsers could create accounts to receive personalized recommendations based on their shopping habits, and use a browser extension to automatically apply the best available discounts during their online shopping experiences.

A comparison website that helps users find the best prices on products across different online retailers by constantly monitoring and updating pricesThis service can also offer price drop alerts, enabling users to make purchases when their desired items become available at a lower price.

A marketplace that connects consumers with wholesalers, manufacturers, and retailers who offer bulk discounts on productsThis platform would enable users to purchase items at significantly reduced prices by collaborating with others to buy items in larger quantities, benefitting both the sellers and the consumers.

A subscription-based service that provides members with exclusive access to discounted rates on various products and services like electronics, travel bookings, and entertainmentMembers could receive regular newsletters with tailored discount offerings that match their interests and needs.

An online platform where consumers can find daily deals and discounts from local retailers, restaurants, and service providersThis website can have a location-based feature that lists discounts available in the user's vicinity, as well as customized suggestions based on user preferences.