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A virtual power plant (VPP) that aggregates and remotely manages a network of distributed energy resources, such as home batteries, electric vehicles, and solar panels, to provide grid services and optimize energy generation and consumptionUsers could participate by connecting their energy resources to the VPP, and in return, receive rewards or compensation for contributing to the grid's stability and efficiency.

A community-driven platform for crowdfunding clean energy projects, such as solar farms, wind turbines, and biogas facilitiesIndividuals and businesses can contribute to different projects or create their own campaigns, which can range from small, local initiatives to larger-scale effortsThe platform would also provide resources and tools to help project creators plan and execute their campaigns effectively.

A subscription service that provides energy-saving tips, products, and home efficiency audits to help consumers reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprintSubscribers would receive customized energy-saving plans based on their specific needs, preferences, and geographic location, as well as regular check-ins to track progress and offer ongoing support.

An online marketplace for electric vehicles (EVs), where potential buyers can browse and compare various makes and models of electric cars, motorcycles, and scooters, as well as accessories like charging stationsThe marketplace would also provide resources to help educate consumers about the benefits and potential cost savings of switching to electric transportation, as well as information on local and national incentives for going electric.

A platform that connects homeowners with solar panel installation providers, offering personalized estimates and recommendations, as well as financing options for homeowners looking to transition to solar energyThe platform would make it easy for users to find the best solar energy solutions for their homes and track their energy savings over time.