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Some ideas for how to use .events domains for business:

A one-stop event planning resource with expert advice, tips, and tools for anyone looking to plan a successful eventThe platform could offer articles, guides, and checklists on various aspects of event planning, such as budgeting, promotion, and guest managementAdditionally, users could access pre-made templates and other resources to help streamline and simplify their event planning process.

A platform that offers virtual event hosting services, from webinars and online workshops to digital conferences and networking opportunitiesThe service would provide the necessary tools and resources needed for a seamless virtual event experience, including registration management, live chat capabilities, and post-event analytics.

A service that organizes unique theme-based events and experiences for individuals or groups looking for a memorable outing or celebrationThese events could range from murder-mystery dinners to immersive scavenger hunts, focusing on providing unforgettable moments that bring people together for a shared adventure.

An online marketplace for event planners and service providers to connect and collaborate, offering a comprehensive directory of event professionals, such as caterers, photographers, and entertainersUsers can compare rates, read reviews, and book the services they need to make their events a success, all in one convenient location.

A platform that specializes in organizing and managing corporate events, conferences, and workshops, including venue sourcing, agenda planning, and speaker coordinationThe service would cater to companies looking to host professional gatherings efficiently and without hassle, allowing businesses to focus on their core objectives while the platform takes care of the event details.