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Some ideas for how to use .expert domains for business:

An AI-powered recommendation engine that curates and suggests tailored resources, tools, and services based on the specific needs and goals of users in various industriesBy analyzing users' profiles, preferences, and past behavior, the platform would identify and recommend relevant industry experts, content, webinars, tools, and more to help users improve their knowledge and skills and boost business growth.

A virtual career mentorship and coaching service that connects users with experts in their respective fields of interest for personalized guidance and adviceThe experts would help users assess their skills, identify their career goals, create a roadmap, and provide ongoing support through regular check-ins and progress evaluationThe platform would also offer relevant resources, tools, and community forums for additional support and networking opportunities.

A subscription-based e-learning platform that offers a wide range of courses and webinars led by subject matter experts covering various topics like finance, marketing, technology, and personal developmentSubscribers would have access to an extensive library of video content, quizzes, and interactive exercises, as well as opportunities to join live sessions and communicate with the experts for guidance and feedback.

A digital marketplace for high-quality, ready-made resources and templates covering various industries, created by industry expertsThe platform would offer a range of resources such as business plans, marketing strategies, financial models, and more, allowing users to purchase and customize these templates to suit their needsThis would save time and effort and ensure users are adopting best practices as recommended by professionals.

An online platform that connects individuals and businesses with industry experts for personalized consultations and coachingUsers can browse through a directory of professionals categorized by industry, expertise, and experience, book sessions, and connect through video calls or messagingExperts can create their own profiles and highlight their skills, making it easy for users to find the right match for their needs.