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A social enterprise online furniture store, partnering with non-profit organizations and employing disadvantaged individuals, such as individuals with disabilities or those affected by homelessness, to create unique and high-quality furnitureThis business model would prioritize social impact and community giving, with a portion of each sale being donated to support a chosen cause, empowering both artisans and customers to create positive change together.

A collaborative platform connecting furniture-loving individuals with local artisans, designers, and craftspeople to create custom, one-of-a-kind pieces tailored to their desired style, size, and material preferencesThis service could also offer in-depth design consultations and support, ensuring the final product is exactly what the customer envisioned.

A subscription-based leasing service for high-quality and designer furniture pieces targeted at urban dwellers with evolving tastes or those who move frequentlyThis service would let users choose from various furniture packages and continually swap items, allowing them to change up their living space without the investment or commitment that comes with purchasing furniture outright.

A virtual reality (VR) furniture showroom, allowing users to virtually visit various furniture showrooms and try out different items before making a purchaseCustomers can visualize how each piece would fit into their home, compare different styles or color options, and make more informed decisions on functionality and style preferences.

A platform specializing in eco-friendly and sustainable furniture piecesThis online marketplace would connect buyers with designers and manufacturers focused on using environmentally conscious materials, such as reclaimed wood or recycled materials, while also promoting modern and stylish designsFeatures could include customizable options, as well as stories behind each product and its environmental impact.