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A virtual reality (VR) platform for exploring world-famous glass museums and exhibits from the comfort of homeVisitors would be able to walk through virtual galleries, learning about the history of glassmaking, admiring masterpieces, and even attending live demonstrations by renowned glass artists.

A subscription-based service that delivers periodic shipments of handcrafted glassware, such as wine glasses, drinking glasses, and decorative items, to customersEach shipment would offer a unique set of designs sourced from global glass artisans, allowing subscribers to build an eclectic collection of beautiful, functional glassware.

An online course platform dedicated exclusively to offering video-based classes and workshops on glass blowing and various forms of glass artStudents could learn from professional artisans, access resources, and share their projects with a supportive community of fellow glass artists.

A comprehensive database for stained glass artists, enthusiasts, and hobbyists, offering in-depth information on techniques, materials, and glass typesThe site would also feature a vibrant community with forums, tutorials, and a marketplace for buying and selling stained glass art and supplies.

A platform that connects eyewear designers, manufacturers, and suppliers with customers in need of custom, luxury, or hard-to-find glass frames and lensesThe site would feature a wide range of products, materials, and styles, simplifying the process of finding the perfect pair of glasses for anyone.