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Some ideas for how to use .global domains for business:

A global travel and tourism platform that offers users an extensive database of travel options, itineraries, and personalized recommendations for destinations, accommodations, activities, and local experiencesThis platform would cater to the preferences and budgets of various types of travelers, and integrate user-generated content, like reviews and images, to create a comprehensive and reliable travel planning resource.

An international learning platform offering high-quality online courses and resources on various subjects, catering to the diverse educational needs of people all over the worldThis platform would provide a wide range of courses, including languages, technology, entrepreneurship, arts, and more, and would utilize advanced learning technologies to ensure an engaging and effective learning experience.

A worldwide social impact platform that enables people to support and invest in social and environmental projects in various regions across the globeThis platform would feature detailed information on each project, including their mission, progress, and impact, and would provide a transparent and secure way for individuals and businesses to contribute financially or through volunteer efforts.

A global freelancing marketplace that brings together top talent from across the globe, specializing in diverse fields such as design, programming, marketing, writing, and moreConnecting businesses and clients with the right freelancers to suit their needs, this platform would also offer useful project management tools and secure payment methods to ensure smooth and efficient remote collaborations.

An online platform connecting small and medium-sized businesses from all around the world, offering them access to potential partners, suppliers, and clientsThis platform would serve as a hub for these businesses to showcase their products and services, allowing members to easily find and connect with each other, and facilitate cross-border business transactions and collaborations.