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Some ideas for how to use .gratis domains for business:

A website that curates and aggregates free events, workshops, and activities happening in various cities around the worldUsers could search for events based on location, type, date, or theme, and create personalized lists of events they're interested in attendingThe platform could generate revenue through promoting sponsored events, selling ad space to event organizers, and offering premium membership options with additional features such as advanced search filters and personalized event suggestions.

A social networking platform based around the sharing and exchanging of items and services for free, promoting a sustainable sharing economy among usersMembers can create listings for items they no longer need or want, such as clothing, electronics, or furniture, and other users can claim and pick up these items free of chargeUsers can also offer their skills or services, such as pet sitting or home repairs, in exchange for other users' skills or services on a free, barter-based systemRevenue could be generated through in-app purchases, promoted listings, or advertising partnerships with local businesses.

An online marketplace connecting freelance professionals with clients seeking short-term or temporary workThe platform could offer a limited number of free projects or tasks per month to freelancers and clients, making it an attractive option for those just starting in their respective fieldsRevenue could be generated through premium memberships offering additional features and benefits, as well as through advertising on the site.

A service that connects consumers with businesses offering free samples and trials of their productsUsers can browse the website and select items they're interested in trying, with participating companies sending out samples by mailThe platform earns revenue through businesses paying for featured listings and promotions or taking a percentage of sales made through the site.

A platform offering free online courses and educational resources on various subjects such as coding, digital marketing, design, and moreUsers can sign up and access a wide range of courses and tutorials taught by industry expertsThe platform generates revenue through sponsored courses, affiliate marketing, and targeted advertising.