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Some ideas for how to use .group domains for business:

An online art collective platform that brings together talented and emerging artists from different artistic fieldsThe platform would allow artists to collaborate on group projects, showcase and sell their work, and provide peer mentoring opportunitiesAdditionally, the platform could host virtual art exhibitions, workshops, and other events for networking and professional development.

A platform that connects investment clubs or peer-to-peer lending groups to pool their resources for investing in stocks, mutual funds, or loans to businesses and individualsFeatures of the platform would include financial analysis tools, risk assessment services, legal and regulatory support, and an online marketplace for sharing investment opportunities.

A digital event management service that specializes in organizing and facilitating group experiences such as conferences, workshops, team-building retreats, and networking eventsThis platform would provide users with tools for planning, promoting, and managing events, along with a network of vendors and service providers specific to the industry.

An online marketplace that facilitates the formation of group buying communities, enabling users to negotiate bulk pricing discounts on products or servicesCustomers can join existing buying groups based on their preferences or start new ones, and the platform would help to streamline negotiations, purchases, and deliveries.

A collaborative platform that connects professionals across various industries and enables them to form specialized groups based on shared interests, projects, or goalsThese groups can work together on joint projects or consult each other on industry-specific topics, fostering cross-field learning and cooperation.