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Some ideas for how to use .guide domains for business:

A digital platform focused on providing practical financial guidance for individuals and families, covering topics such as budgeting, investing, savings strategies, debt management, and retirement planningThe platform would offer interactive tools, such as calculators and quizzes, as well as educational content in various formats, including articles, videos, podcasts, and webinarsAdditionally, users could connect with certified financial planners for one-on-one consultations and personalized advice.

A comprehensive online guide for eco-friendly living, offering practical tips, product reviews, and resources to help users reduce their environmental impact across all aspects of their lives, including home, work, food, fashion, and transportationThe platform would feature articles, videos, and infographics on various green topics, as well as a shop showcasing carefully vetted, sustainable products and discount codes for eco-conscious brands.

A web-based platform designed to coach aspiring writers, offering tailored advice and resources on writing techniques, publishing options, marketing strategies, and industry networkingThe platform would feature a variety of multimedia content, such as instructional videos, articles, and podcasts, as well as interactive workshops, writing prompts, and critique forums, allowing users to receive personalized feedback from professional editors and experienced writers.

An online platform helping travelers to explore new destinations by providing curated itineraries, local recommendations, and exclusive deals on accommodations, transportation, and attractionsThe platform would allow users to input their travel preferences, budget, and time constraints, generating personalized itineraries and offering real-time updates on the latest travel news and trendsAdditionally, the platform could host a community forum where travelers can share their experiences and tips with others.

A comprehensive platform offering step-by-step guidance for prospective entrepreneurs in various industries, providing valuable resources and tools for business planning, market research, sales strategies, and financial management to help businesses launch and scale successfullyThe platform would also feature expert advice columns and video tutorials from industry professionals, networking opportunities, and support from fellow entrepreneurs.