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Some ideas for how to use .guru domains for business:

A digital platform that leverages artificial intelligence to assess a user's current skill set and offer personalized recommendations for further professional developmentThe tool would analyze a user's education, work experience, and interests, then suggest relevant courses, certifications, or workshops to help them advance in their careers or transition to new industries.

A comprehensive online learning platform offering a wide range of courses in various industries, such as technology, design, marketing, and moreUsers would be able to access high-quality, interactive content, and engage with a community of like-minded learners, as well as receive certificates of completion to showcase their achievements.

An online marketplace that connects freelancers or service providers with potential clients looking for their particular skillsetsThe platform would allow users to create profiles showcasing their expertise and services offered, as well as provide a secure and intuitive messaging and project management system for client-provider collaborations.

A subscription-based service offering daily or weekly challenges designed to help users build positive habits, improve productivity, and gain mastery in their chosen fieldsThe platform would use gamification elements, leaderboards, and community support to motivate users towards achieving their personal and professional goals.

A platform connecting individuals with industry experts for personalized coaching and mentoring sessionsUsers would be able to browse through a wide range of professionals, book one-on-one sessions, and receive valuable insights and feedback on their careers, skills development, or personal growth efforts.