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[ An online platform for hockey players to connect, organize local matches, and find other players to form teams by skill levels, age groups, and locationsUsers can create and join leagues, schedule games, and track game statistics., A subscription-based streaming service offering live broadcasts, on-demand games, documentaries, and original content about hockeySubscribers would have access to professional, amateur, and international hockey games, as well as exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and video coaching tutorials., An e-commerce platform specializing in hockey equipment, fan merchandise, and customizable jerseysCustomers can shop for a wide range of products from various popular brands in the hockey world, read product reviews, get advice on purchasing the right gear, and even have the option to sell their used equipment., A mobile and web app that offers hockey coaching and training programs for users of all ages and skill levels, with specialized curriculum designed by professional hockey coachesUsers can access training videos, practice routines, drills, and interact with experts through live sessions, receiving personalized guidance to improve their skills., A hockey-themed travel agency that organizes trips for fans to attend major hockey events worldwide, as well as vacation packages to immerse in the local hockey cultureOfferings could include guided tours of iconic hockey arenas, meet and greets with famous former players, and curated itineraries for hockey-themed activities in cities with a rich hockey history.]