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A platform that helps users find co-living and colocation opportunities catering to a wide range of demographics, such as young professionals, students, or digital nomadsUsers can create detailed profiles outlining their preferences, requirements, lifestyles, and budgetsThe platform would then match users to suitable shared accommodation options, offering a quick and efficient way to find the perfect living situationAdditional features may include online forum discussions, community events, and optional background checks to ensure a safe and enjoyable living environment for all members.

An online property management service designed for landlords and property managers to easily manage their properties, tenants, and rental incomeKey features would include tenant screening, online lease agreements, automatic rent collection, and maintenance request managementIn addition, the platform could offer tools to track expenses, generate financial reports, and simplify tax filings for property owners - all in one centralized system.

D tours of residential and commercial propertiesThe platform would provide high-quality VR tours created by professional photographers, allowing potential buyers and renters to explore properties without having to visit them in personAdditional features could include live chat support, interactive floor plans, and integration with popular real estate listing platforms.

A virtual reality (VR) real estate tour platform that allows users to experience immersive

A marketplace specializing in immovable and antique items, such as vintage furniture, architectural salvage, and other unique home decor piecesUsers can browse through a wide variety of items, create custom search filters, and place secure online ordersSellers can list items with detailed descriptions, provenance information, and high-quality imagesThe platform would also offer restoration and appraisal services, as well as shipping and handling options for customers.