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Some ideas for how to use .international domains for business:

An international travel and tourism platform offering comprehensive trip planning resources, personalized recommendations, and exclusive deals on accommodations, experiences, and transportationThis platform would help travelers discover new and exciting destinations, connect with local guides and experts, and facilitate the booking process for a seamless and memorable adventure.

A global job marketplace specialized in remote and international positions, connecting talented professionals with companies and organizations seeking their skillsThis platform would provide extensive job listings, resources for job seekers, and tools for employers to streamline the hiring process and expand their talent pool across borders.

A digital language learning platform focused on connecting language learners with native speakers and professional teachers from around the world for one-on-one or group lessonsThe platform would offer a diverse range of language courses, cultural immersion activities, and resources to help learners achieve fluency and improve their communication skills.

An online education platform offering a wide range of courses, workshops, and certifications taught by international experts in various fieldsThis platform would provide students with access to global knowledge resources and networking opportunities while also catering to their individual learning styles and preferences.

A global marketplace that connects artisans and small business owners from around the world to a wider customer base, providing a platform for these unique sellers to showcase their products and services, while giving buyers the opportunity to discover and purchase one-of-a-kind, handcrafted items from different cultures.