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A community-driven platform that fosters a love for traditional European craftsmanship by offering curated collections of artisan-made home accessories, dinnerware, and kitchen textilesMembers could share their passion for beautiful and functional design and also attend exclusive events such as masterclasses, workshops, and virtual tours of artisan workshops, promoting a deeper understanding of the processes and techniques behind the products.

An online marketplace that connects homeowners with trusted architects, builders, and real estate professionals to plan, design, and execute custom luxury home projectsThe platform would streamline the entire process – from permitting, contracting, sourcing materials and finishes, to managing schedules and project milestones – all while ensuring the highest standard of quality and attention to detail.

A subscription-based platform that grants members access to exclusive culinary experiences in their own homes, including monthly recipe boxes, wine pairings and live cooking classes hosted by renowned chefsThe focus would be on French cuisine, using high-quality and authentic ingredients, allowing members to recreate the ambiance and flavors of a true French maison in their own homes.

A virtual interior design consultation service that helps clients redefine their living spaces, matching them with an expert in the fieldThe platform would allow clients to upload images, sketches, and descriptions of their rooms, and then a professional interior designer would collaborate with them to create an elegant and custom design plan for each space

An online boutique that offers upscale, luxury home goods, including furniture, decor, and textiles, targeted at customers who appreciate a high-end aestheticThe platform would offer both custom-made and curated pieces from various prestigious artists and designers, emphasizing the sense of the art of living and promoting a refined, sophisticated lifestyle.