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Some ideas for how to use .mobi domains for business:

A virtual event platform optimized for mobile viewing, enabling users to attend webinars, workshops, and conferences right from their smartphone or tabletThe platform would support live streaming, real-time interactions between attendees and presenters, and the ability to save and revisit event content for further learning and engagement.

A mobile app for on-demand grocery and household item delivery service, which connects users to a network of local stores and freelance shoppersUsers can create shopping lists, compare prices across different stores, and place orders for delivery within a preset time windowThe app also allows users to track their delivery progress, make secure payments and leave feedback for the shopper.

A mobile-based car rental service that connects users with nearby car owners who are willing to rent out their vehicles on a short-term basisWith a focus on convenient and affordable transportation options, the service would offer flexible rental periods, easy-to-use booking features, and an option for users to leave ratings and reviews for car owners.

A user-friendly mobile wallet that simplifies online and in-store payments, allowing users to make cashless transactions with just a few tapsThis service would support various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, mobile payments, and cryptocurrencies.

A mobile app development platform that provides resources, tutorials, and tools to help budding app developers create and launch their own mobile applicationsThe platform would also offer a community space for developers to share ideas, collaborate on projects and get feedback from other users.