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Some ideas for how to use .movie domains for business:

A movie-based trivia and quiz platform that allows users to test their knowledge on favorite films, actors, and cinematic historyThe website would feature different difficulty levels, leaderboards, and opportunities to challenge friends for a competitive experienceUsers can earn points, badges, and exclusive rewards for their achievements in trivia, as well as participate in online movie-themed tournaments and events.

An online database and community for movie collectors, where users can catalog their physical and digital movie collections, discover and trade rare editions, join discussion forums on collecting and restoration, and even buy, sell, or trade movies among membersThe platform would also offer expert articles, video tutorials, and collection management tools.

A virtual movie theater experience that connects people who want to watch movies together onlineUsers can schedule and host movie-watching parties with friends and enjoy synchronized playback, video chat, and live reactionsThere would be a range of licensed movies available for rental or purchase, as well as options to stream your own content.

A personalized movie recommendation engine that uses advanced algorithms to suggest movies based on users' preferences, viewing history, genres, and ratingsViewers create profiles and the system will continuously learn and adapt to their tastes, offering highly relevant movie suggestions and a curated watchlist.

An online platform where independent filmmakers can showcase their short films, documentaries, and feature-length movies, allowing viewers to watch, rate, and review themFilmmakers can create their own profiles, submit their work, and engage with their audience to gain exposure and potential funding for future projects.