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Some ideas for how to use .news domains for business:

A financial news site that offers in-depth insights, analysis, and updates on the global financial marketThis platform would cover topics like stocks, bonds, foreign exchange, and commodities, along with providing expert opinions and advice from established financial analystsCatering to both beginners and experienced investors, users can learn about the latest financial trends and opportunities to make informed decisions.

A news portal dedicated to eco-conscious living and sustainable practicesThe content would feature articles, videos, and interviews on green living, environmentally friendly products and technology, and sustainable developmentThe website would aim to inspire and educate readers to make sustainable choices and contribute to the global movement towards a greener future.

A location-based news platform that offers real-time, hyper-local news updates specific to a user's city, town, or neighborhoodThis service would cover topics such as local politics, events, business, and crimeBy focusing on a smaller area, users can stay informed about what matters most to them and their local community.

A website that curates news from various industries with a focus on innovation and advancements in technologyThe website would offer news on subjects like artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, robotics, clean energy, and other emerging technologiesBy staying informed on these topics, users can remain up-to-date and be aware of new opportunities and challenges ahead.

A platform providing the latest information and updates on breakthroughs in the field of medical and health sciencesThis service would offer a mix of news articles, interviews with experts, and summaries of newly published research papers, all focused on the most recent advancements and discoveries in medicine, mental health, nutrition, and fitness.