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Some ideas for how to use .nu domains for business:

-degree videos, augmented reality, and interactive featuresUsers can plan their trips, book flights and accommodations, and even connect with locals for personalized recommendations and unique experiences.

A virtual reality travel platform that allows users to virtually explore destinations around the world with an immersive experience powered by

An e-learning platform focused on teaching practical skills through interactive, video-based courses in areas such as home improvement, auto maintenance, financial management, and personal developmentUsers can track their progress, earn badges or certificates upon course completion, and access a community forum to ask questions and exchange knowledge with fellow learners.

A subscription-based marketplace offering handmade, eco-friendly, and sustainable products from artisans and small businesses worldwideSubscribers can choose from a variety of categories and curate their own monthly boxes, with the option to purchase individual items from the platform as wellThis platform would promote environmentally conscious shopping while supporting small businesses and artisans.

An online health and wellness community focused on providing its members with customized nutrition plans, fitness programs, and mental well-being resourcesMembers can participate in virtual classes, webinars, challenges, and even have access to a community of like-minded individuals who support and motivate each other to achieve their health goals.