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Some ideas for how to use .pics domains for business:

A photo editing and management platform that allows users to edit, organize, and store their images securely in the cloudThe platform would provide a suite of editing tools and filters that cater to both novice and professional photographers, as well as the ability to create and share albums with friends, family or clientsThe platform could offer free basic plans with limited storage and advanced plans with extra storage and features for a subscription fee.

A platform that connects businesses and individuals with freelance photographers for hireUsers can post job listings, specifying the type of photography needed, location, and budgetFreelance photographers can create profiles, showcasing their portfolio and skills, and bid on projects that interest themThe platform would take a small percentage of the agreed-upon project fees as a commission.

A social media platform designed specifically for sharing and discussing photographyUsers can create profiles, upload their favorite images, follow other photographers, and engage in conversations about photography techniques, gear, and locationsThe platform could also host photography contests and challenges, as well as online courses and workshops.

A website that offers custom photo print services, such as canvas prints, photo books, and custom-framed picturesCustomers can upload their own images, edit and customize them using the platform's design tools, and choose from various printing and framing optionsThe orders would be then printed and shipped directly to the customers.

A platform that allows photographers to showcase and sell their high-quality images to clients, such as businesses and individualsUsers would be able to browse and purchase images based on categories, themes, or photographer portfoliosPhotographers would receive a commission for each sale, while the website takes a small percentage to cover hosting and maintenance costs.