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Some ideas for how to use .pub domains for business:

A platform for hosting online pub quizzes and trivia competitions, where users can join as individuals or in teams to compete against other players for prizes and bragging rightsThe platform could feature a wide range of topics, from general knowledge to niche interests, and include special events with celebrity quizmasters or themed nightsThe quizzes would be regularly updated and include a mix of interactive games, text-based questions, and multimedia challenges.

A virtual reality (VR) pub experience, allowing users to enter and explore a realistic, immersive pub environment from the comfort of their homesUsers could virtually meet up with friends or make new connections, while enjoying realistic simulations of ordering drinks, playing pub games, and engaging in lively conversationsVarious settings and themes could be offered, including historical and fictional pubs.

An online community and marketplace for homebrewers and craft beer enthusiastsUsers could share recipes, brewing techniques, and post reviews of their favorite beers, as well as buy and sell homebrew equipment, ingredients, and related productsThe platform could also host virtual workshops, webinars, and live talks with industry professionals.

A subscription-based platform, featuring a curated selection of e-books, audiobooks, and digital publicationsThe platform would focus on books and articles related to pub culture, such as craft beer, cocktails, and pub food recipes, as well as include works of fiction and non-fiction set in or around pub environments.

A virtual gathering place for people to join and engage in online multiplayer games, trivia nights, and other fun activitiesUsers could create their own custom virtual environments and invite friends to hang out, socialize, and participate in various games and activities together.