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Some ideas for how to use .realty domains for business:

A marketplace for short-term rental properties geared towards vacationers, business travelers, and digital nomadsThe platform would showcase furnished properties available for rent on a weekly or monthly basis, complete with photographs, reviews, and detailed descriptionsUsers could easily browse and book properties directly through the website or mobile app, and also have access to additional services such as cleaning, maintenance, and concierge services for a hassle-free stay.

A real estate education platform that offers courses, certifications, and training materials for real estate agents, property managers, and investorsThe platform includes video lessons, interactive quizzes, and virtual workshops covering various aspects of the real estate industry such as property valuation, legal implications, negotiation strategies, and moreUsers would be able to track their progress and join a community of like-minded professionals to share experiences and advice.

A real estate investment platform that enables users to invest in a diversified portfolio of income-generating propertiesUsers would pool their funds with other investors, spreading their investment across multiple properties, and earning a share of the rental income or sale profitsThe platform would provide detailed financial analysis of each property, as well as property management services to ensure the properties are well maintained and yielding maximum returns.

D tours of properties onlineUsers would be able to experience the properties as if they were physically present, enabling them to make informed decisions without having to visit multiple locations in personThe platform could also offer virtual staging services, allowing sellers to present their properties in the best possible light.

A virtual reality-based real estate agency that allows potential buyers and renters to take immersive