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Some ideas for how to use .reviews domains for business:

A review platform dedicated to books, audiobooks, and literary eventsUsers would be able to rate and review their favorite (or least favorite) books, discover new authors and genres, and share their thoughts on various literary events such as book signings, readings, and festivalsThe website would also provide a platform for book clubs to share their thoughts and opinions on their latest reads and connect with other like-minded individuals.

A health and fitness review platform that allows users to rate and review fitness apps, workout equipment, supplements, and dietsThis website would provide users with helpful insights and recommendations tailored to their specific fitness goals, based on a comprehensive analysis of reviews from real users who have tried and tested these products and services themselves.

A travel-focused review platform where users can rate and review their experiences at hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, and other travel-related businessesUsers would be able to search for and read reviews on their chosen destination, helping them plan their perfect vacationThe platform would also offer travel tips, itinerary suggestions, and other useful information for travelers around the world.

A website that serves as a hub for user-generated reviews and ratings of home appliances and consumer electronicsThis platform would provide users with detailed information on product features, performance, durability, and overall satisfaction from verified customersThe website would help consumers make informed decisions when purchasing new appliances or gadgets, by offering unbiased reviews and comparisons of different products and brands.

A platform where users can review and rate various online courses, tutorials, and educational resourcesThis website would help individuals in choosing the best courses and learning materials to achieve their educational goals, by providing a comprehensive overview of available resources, including feedback from real users who have already taken these courses.