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Some ideas for how to use .rocks domains for business:

A virtual reality (VR) app that immerses users in a variety of famous rock concerts, allowing them to experience iconic performances from their favorite bands as if they were actually thereThe app could offer a mix of classic and contemporary concerts, access to behind-the-scenes footage, and connect users with like-minded fans.

A community-driven platform where aspiring and experienced rock climbers can connect, share their experiences, and get tips from professionalsThe platform would have forums, a climbing route database, and expert video tutorials to help climbers improve their skills, share discoveries, and plan their adventures.

A subscription box service that delivers high-quality, ethically sourced crystals and minerals, complete with information on their geolocation, formation, and any potential metaphysical propertiesSubscribers could choose from different box sizes or preferences, such as geodes, crystals for healing, or a mix of various types of rocks and minerals.

An online marketplace that specializes in selling high-quality, unique, and creative rock and mineral collections, geode home decorations, and jewelryThe site would cater to collectors, interior designers, and the general public interested in interesting and beautiful natural formations.

A platform that connects local musicians and bands with live music venues and event organizers, enabling them to book gigs and showcase their talentThe platform could also provide tools to sell tickets, merchandise, and promote upcoming shows to a large audience.