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Some ideas for how to use .ru domains for business:

A streaming platform that offers a curated collection of Russian movies, TV series, documentaries, and independent cinema to a global audienceWith a focus on high-quality storytelling and showcasing local talent, the platform aims to promote Russian culture and enrich the global entertainment landscape.

A dedicated job portal and networking platform for professionals seeking employment opportunities in RussiaThe platform offers exclusive access to job vacancies across various industries, as well as professional development resources, résumé building tools, and personalized career mentoring to help job seekers succeed in the Russian job market.

A digital travel agency that specializes in creating unique and authentic experiences for tourists visiting RussiaThe platform offers personalized itineraries, local contact support, visa assistance, and exclusive access to off-the-beaten-path destinations, immersing travelers in the beauty and diversity of the vast Russian territory.

A marketplace for Russian-made products and handcrafted goods, showcasing the country's rich art, culture, and craftsmanshipBy connecting artisans and small businesses with customers worldwide, the platform promotes local talent and supports the growth of creative industries in Russia.

An online platform that connects Russian language learners with native speakers and qualified tutorsUsers can find personalized one-on-one lessons, group classes, and language exchange partners, as well as access to language learning resources, interactive exercises, and cultural content tailored to meet their individual learning goals.