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Some ideas for how to use .show domains for business:

A website that offers a comprehensive collection of live and on-demand webinars, panel discussions, and interviews featuring industry experts, thought leaders, and renowned personalitiesUsers can stay informed and enter the conversation, discussing the latest trends and innovations in their respective fields, which could range from technology and business to culture and politics.

A platform that hosts virtual reality-based interactive tours of various destinations, historical sites, and tourist attractions in collaboration with local tour guides, historians, and tour agenciesUsers can explore new locations, learn about their history and culture, and engage with experts from the comfort of their homes, making it accessible to people with limited travel options.

An interactive virtual platform that offers personalized wellness and fitness programs to users, featuring live workout sessions, meal plans, and health tipsThe platform could also include a community section where members can support each other and share their progress, as well as integrate with wearable fitness devices for a seamless user experience.

A subscription-based platform featuring expert-led masterclasses and workshops on various topics, ranging from cooking and arts to business and technologyUsers can sign up for live sessions, engage in interactive Q&A sessions, and access recordings of previous workshops, allowing them to hone their skills and learn new disciplines at their own pace.

A platform that showcases the talents of various artists, designers, and craftsmen by hosting virtual exhibitions and live eventsThis would enable them to reach a wider audience, receive feedback, and interact with potential clientsThe website could also include a marketplace that allows users to purchase unique, handmade products directly from the creators.