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Some ideas for how to use .solar domains for business:

A solar energy consulting firm offering services to businesses and organizations looking to incorporate solar solutions into their operationsThis consultancy would provide customized assessments and strategies, including feasibility studies, system design, procurement, and project management, to help clients achieve their sustainability goals through solar energy solutions.

A solar energy news and information portal featuring the latest advancements, innovations, and trends in the industryThis platform would also provide analysis and expert opinions on solar tech and policies, as well as a forum for discussions on solar energy-related topics, helping users to stay informed about the rapidly changing world of solar power.

A solar energy education platform offering courses, workshops, and webinars for individuals and organizations wishing to learn about the benefits and methods of implementing solar power in their livesThis online resource center would provide instructional materials and expert advice on topics such as installation, maintenance, financing, and government incentives for adopting solar energy.

An online marketplace for solar-powered products, catering to eco-conscious consumersThis e-commerce platform would feature a wide range of solar-powered gadgets and devices, from portable chargers and solar-powered lights to innovative water purification systems and outdoor products, all meant to promote sustainable living.

A platform that connects solar panel installation professionals with homeowners and businesses looking to switch to renewable energyUsers can easily find qualified and certified installers in their area, compare quotes, and schedule appointments for installations or maintenance services.