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Some ideas for how to use .tax domains for business:

An online/phone-based tax help desk service aimed at providing real-time support and guidance to taxpayers in need of assistanceThis service would offer instant answers to common tax questions and problems, and direct users to additional resources and professional help if neededThey could also utilize live chat or video consultations with experienced tax professionals to address more complex tax issues.

A suite of financial tools designed to help users budget and save more effectively in preparation for tax paymentsThe service would provide personalized recommendations, savings goals, and progress tracking based on the user's income, expenses, and tax obligations, as well as educational resources to help users understand tax responsibilities better.

A tax consulting and advisory service that helps clients navigate the complexities of international taxation and cross-border transactionsThis service would cater to businesses and individuals engaging in commerce or investments across multiple countries and would help them maximize their tax savings while staying compliant with the regulations of each jurisdiction.

A virtual marketplace that connects freelance tax professionals with clients who need assistance in managing their taxesThis service would allow clients to find the right tax expert based on their credentials, experience, and reviews, while giving self-employed tax specialists opportunities to grow their businesses.

A platform offering online tax preparation and filing services, specializing in simplifying the process of calculating, filing, and paying income taxes for individuals and businessesThe platform would be user-friendly, accessible, and offer step-by-step guidance through tax forms and requirements.