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Some ideas for how to use .tv domains for business:

A virtual travel and cultural exploration platform presenting live and pre-recorded video tours of destinations, cultural events, and festivals from around the worldUsers can explore different cultures, learn about history, and virtually experience unique destinations through engaging video content and interactive features.

An e-learning platform offering a wide range of courses and educational content in various fields such as technology, business, arts, and healthUsers can enroll in live classes or access pre-recorded lectures and interact with instructors and other students through forums and live video sessions.

A virtual art gallery hosting exhibitions and live events featuring artists from around the world, focusing on various mediums and art formsUsers can view and purchase art through the platform, participate in live auctions, and attend virtual art events such as artist talks, workshops, and panel discussions.

An online cooking and recipe platform with live cooking shows, tutorials, and cooking competitions featuring a diverse range of chefs and cuisines from around the worldUsers can search for recipes, save their favorites, and learn new culinary skills through interactive video content.

A platform offering personalized workout and fitness classes from professional trainers and instructors, accessible via live streaming and on-demand videosUsers can search for classes based on their fitness goals, preferred workout type, or instructor, and track their progress over time.