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Some ideas for how to use .ws domains for business:

An online wellness hub offering virtual classes, workshops, and resources for individuals looking to improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-beingUsers can access guided meditation sessions, yoga and workout classes, nutrition tips, and a community forum where members can share their personal experiences and support one another on their wellness journey.

An e-commerce platform specializing in sustainable and eco-friendly products, providing consumers with a wide selection of clothing, home goods, beauty products, and other everyday items made from ethically sourced materials and following environmentally friendly practicesThe platform would also feature educational content on the importance of sustainability and how to make more conscious choices in everyday life.

A platform that connects travelers with local city ambassadors who can share their knowledge of the city's hidden gems, culture, and activitiesTravelers can book personalized tours, get restaurant and hotel recommendations, and receive one-on-one assistance to get the most authentic and memorable experience in their destination city

A weather forecasting service, focusing on providing highly accurate and timely local weather information for businesses in sectors such as agriculture, construction, and outdoor eventsThe platform would utilize machine learning and advanced analytics to provide customized weather data and alerts based on the specific needs of each business to help them adapt and make informed decisions.

A streamlined workspace solution for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote teams that offers a comprehensive set of tools for collaboration, project management, and communicationUsers can create virtual rooms for their teams or projects, share files, assign tasks, and engage in real-time discussions.