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Smartynames announces Validator. A quick and easy way to verify if a domain name is available.

March 17, 2023

Are you in search of a quick and easy way to validate and check domain name availability? Do you want to search free domain name availability? Well, Smartynames has the answer to your domain name availability woes! Smartynames recently announced Validator - a free domain name availability checker that makes searching for a valid domain name effortless and hassle-free. Validator is an intuitive and powerful domain search tool that provides users with an instant feedback on a domain name's availability. It is the ultimate choice of online businesses who are aiming to find the perfect domain name to represent their brand. Validator has a number of user-friendly features. Its quick and easy interface allows users to validate a domain name by simply entering it into the search box. The tool will automatically check the domain name availability and provide users with real-time results. If the domain name is available, users can register it right away. When a domain is not available, you can run it through Smartynames Reverse Name Search to get domains similar to the ones you wanted. Validator is a reliable and fast domain name availability checker. The service is free to use. The results are quick, accurate and up-to-date. Users can validate if a domain name is free in just a few clicks. Smartynames Validator is the perfect domain name search tool for businesses and individuals wishing to register a domain name. So, why wait? Start searching your perfect domain name with Smartynames Validator today!

Graph of domain extensions and their utilization by DNS, http, and content
The Great Internet Illusion
Recommended:We found that about half of all .COM domains are unused, around 72-96% of alternative TLDs are basically unused too, and domain squatters are spending 2 Billion dollars a year on hoarding, and that is just for .COMs.
Analysis of why great domain names from brokers are so expensive
Why are domains so expensive?
From the blog:The high prices of domain names are largely due to domain investors' need to cover losses from the majority of their portfolio by selling a small percentage at a premium, necessitating a large portfolio and higher sale prices to turn a substantial profit.
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Smartynames Reverse Name Search can find domains you would not even imagine
Save Thousands When You Buy Domains with Smartynames
From the blog:Smartynames Reverse Name Search generates cost-effective, creative domain names for businesses and individuals, by analyzing their preferred domain names. In just a few seconds, this tool saves a significant amount of money, while providing a unique and perfectly suited online identity.
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