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Buy and Sell Available Domains on Smartynames

May 26, 2023

Domain name generators are a great way to find new and unexpected domains that are available for purchase. But what if you just don't have the time or creativity to keep looking for new ideas. What if you just want to buy awesome domains that are still available? Look no further than Smartynames! We're introducing a new feature that allows you to buy existing available domains without any delay. Every day, we now curate a selection of available domains that are immediately available for purchase. We do the searching, you do the buying. No more waiting to generate names; the names will come to you! Premium subscribers will access to up to 100 such domains each day, making it easier to find the perfect fit for your domain portfolio. But that's not all - premium subscribers can also sell their own domains through Smartynames.com. List the domains you have, and they will show up on the Domains for Sale page, as well as within the lists of domains generated for our users. Our systems will match search queries to the domain you list, no additional work required on your part. In fact, your domains will continue selling wherever they are: Sedo, Afternik, Dan...etc. You only pay for a Monthly Subscription, no extra fees. It's a win-win for all, where you can easily buy and sell domains all in one place. Imagine the possibilities - you could snag a premium domain name that's been sitting unused, or sell a domain name that no longer serves your purposes. All on the same day. Don't wait any longer and sign up for premium access on Smartynames.com and start exploring the world of available domains today!

Graph of domain extensions and their utilization by DNS, http, and content
The Great Internet Illusion
Recommended:We found that about half of all .COM domains are unused, around 72-96% of alternative TLDs are basically unused too, and domain squatters are spending 2 Billion dollars a year on hoarding, and that is just for .COMs.
Analysis of why great domain names from brokers are so expensive
Why are domains so expensive?
From the blog:The high prices of domain names are largely due to domain investors' need to cover losses from the majority of their portfolio by selling a small percentage at a premium, necessitating a large portfolio and higher sale prices to turn a substantial profit.
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Smartynames Reverse Name Search can find domains you would not even imagine
Save Thousands When You Buy Domains with Smartynames
From the blog:Smartynames Reverse Name Search generates cost-effective, creative domain names for businesses and individuals, by analyzing their preferred domain names. In just a few seconds, this tool saves a significant amount of money, while providing a unique and perfectly suited online identity.
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