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1 Million AI Generated Domain Names Created Since Launch

January 25, 2023

Smartynames, the first AI domain name generator of its kind, has generated over 1 million unique domain names since its launch in December 2022. The company has expanded its capabilities to include hacked domains, short domains, and domains with alternative new TLDs. Despite experiencing technical challenges, Smartynames is grateful for the help and support from its partners, including Afternic, Identity.Digital, and GoDaddy. Smartynames plans to expand its domain and business name search offerings to include even more creative domains and more AI. The company's Premium Subscription will address the needs of domain buyers, including expired domains, domain pricing, keyword research, domain name availability checks and more. In the first quarter of 2023, Smartynames will also be launching business generation tools, enabled by the power of artificial intelligence. Smartynames aims to be the industry leader in the instant domain name search category.

Graph of domain extensions and their utilization by DNS, http, and content
The Great Internet Illusion
Recommended:We found that about half of all .COM domains are unused, around 72-96% of alternative TLDs are basically unused too, and domain squatters are spending 2 Billion dollars a year on hoarding, and that is just for .COMs.
Analysis of why great domain names from brokers are so expensive
Why are domains so expensive?
From the blog:The high prices of domain names are largely due to domain investors' need to cover losses from the majority of their portfolio by selling a small percentage at a premium, necessitating a large portfolio and higher sale prices to turn a substantial profit.
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Smartynames Reverse Name Search can find domains you would not even imagine
Save Thousands When You Buy Domains with Smartynames
From the blog:Smartynames Reverse Name Search generates cost-effective, creative domain names for businesses and individuals, by analyzing their preferred domain names. In just a few seconds, this tool saves a significant amount of money, while providing a unique and perfectly suited online identity.
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